Benefits of Switching to E-Cigarettes

In light of the health hazards of smoking and the growing number of public places where smoking is banned, people are turning to the electronic cigarette to satisfy the habitual act of smoking without polluting the air or their lungs with thousands of known carcinogens.

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that looks like a cigarette and is smoked like a cigarette. However, there is no smoke to deal nor tobacco, tar and other cancer causing agents. For those who feel like persecuted smokers who cannot smoke in public and for those who want to quit and need some help, the e-cig can be lifesaver — quite literally!

How the Electric Cigarette Works

The electronic cigarette is shaped like the real thing, an elongated tube that some people also describe as similar to a pen. There are four basic parts:

-LED cover which simulates the glow of a cigarette
-Battery compartment which also houses the circuitry for the e-cig
-Heating element called an atomizer
-Mouthpiece which houses a cartridge that is filled with a liquid nicotine solution.

Air flows through the tube-like device which triggers the release of nicotine droplets. The atomizer heats up the liquid nicotine which turns it into a vapour mist that the electronic cigarette user then inhales. The led end lights up resembling the end of a real lit cigarette. Propylene glycol is added to the liquid nicotine to produce a smoke-like effect.

Many e-cigs come in a kit which may include extra batteries and liquid nicotine refills. This liquid nicotine even comes in different flavours for an interesting smoking experience and taste.

Benefits of the E-Cigarette

The obvious main benefit of the electronic cigarette is being able to drastically reduce health risks because no tar or carcinogens are inhaled into the lungs. Nor is there any second hand smoke which is equally harmful to people who inhale it. No fire is needed to “smoke” the ecig, so there is no need to carry matches or a lighter, thereby reducing fire risk as well.

While batteries are needed for the electric cigarette and there is a small investment in the kit, the cost is negligible given that one cartridge can last as long as it would take to smoke two packs of real cigarettes. You can even buy e-juice to save money over cartridges.

There is no cigarette smoke to permeate the air, skin, clothing and hair, basically keeping things smelling a lot fresher. While the e-cig produces a vapour to simulate an actual lit cigarette, this vapour is not offensive-smelling and it is quite safe. For this reason, people can “light” up just about anywhere that bans tobacco smoke such as pubs, airports, clubs, restaurants and even the office. It is quite legal to puff away on the electronic cigarette.

For people trying to quit smoking, the hardest part is the habits that accompany the smoking ritual. With the ecig, hands are still busy holding it and the act of inhaling and exhaling is still there so this can help.

Are e-cigs safe?

While there is nicotine present, it is not in a harmful, carcinogenic form. Therefore, the e-cigarette is increasingly popular as a choice for smoking cessation efforts. The bonus for switching to this healthier alternative is no stained teeth and fingers.

If going cold turkey on nicotine is not possible quite yet, consider the healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The electronic cigarette is ultimately cleaner and cheaper than the real thing.

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